Unlock Your BlackBerry Phone by Codes


If you want to use your BlackBerry phone with different providers SIM cards and want to switch to another network, unlocking will allow you do that. You can unlock your BlackBerry phone by unlock codes and use with any compatible mobile network. When you unlock your phone, you will no longer have to be limited to a certain provider and have the freedom to choose any service provider you want.

Benefits Of BlackBerry Unlocking by Codes

Unlocking your BlackBerry phone by unlock codes is very simple and easy. You don't need prior knowledge or technical skills to unlock your BlackBerry phone by unlock codes.

Benefits of BlackBerry unlocking via codes are

  • You don't need any software to unlock your BlackBerry phone
  • Your phone will not sustain any damage whatsoever
  • Your phone's customized settings will remain the same
  • The original warranty of your BlackBerry phone will not be voided
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You can obtain IMEI by typing *#06# on phone's keypad.

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What is BlackBerry Phone Unlocking Code?

A Network or Service Provider lock is placed on your BlackBerry phone by the service provider you bought it from. The phone has this lock to make sure that you do not use any other sim card than that provided by the service provider. BlackBerry Unlock codes are the codes that will remove network or service provider locks on your BlackBerry phone and will allow you to use any compatible Sim card and Network by any service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BlackBerry unlocking by codes work?

When you place an order, unlock codes will be generated by complex algorithms using BlackBerry phone's Imei (serial) number or the codes will be obtained from manufacturer or provider's databases and will be sent with unlocking instructions. Once you receive your unlock code, you simply enter as instructed and your phone will be unlocked instantly.

What is IMEI and how can I obtain on my BlackBerry phone?

IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit unique serial number to preporly identify your phone. Every mobile phone has a unique IMEI and it can be read by typing *#06# or you can read it on the sticker under the battery in your phone.

Is BlackBerry unlock codes guaranteed to work?

Our BlackBerry unlock cell phone codes guaranteed to work. But on the very rare instance that your phone is not able to get unlocked, your payment will be refunded in full.

Is unlocking via BlackBerry unlock codes safe?

Unlocking by code is the most guaranteed unlocking method available. Because phone makers program their phones as unlockable with unlock codes, this is actually the safest way to unlock BlackBerry phones.

Do you have lowest price guarrantee?

We understand that customers are always looking for the best deal and compare prices when it comes to internet purchases. That's why we offer our lowest price guarantee. If you find a lower price anywhere, just let us know and we will refund the difference.

What codes will you provide for my BlackBerry phone?

We will provide network or service provider unlock codes for your phone. These codes is also known as Network or Service provider Mep code. You can check Glossary and Unlock Code Table below for unlock code types.

BlackBerry Unlocking Instructions

The process of unlocking your BlackBerry phone is very simple. Once you receive your code, follow these steps to unlock your phone.

BlackBerry Unlock Code Entry Instructions:

Entering wrong codes 3 to 10 times may permanently lock your phone. Please only follow these simple instructions if you got valid codes.

  • Put in any SIM card and turn ON your BlackBerry Phone
  • Turn OFF all the wireless connections
  • Go to Options and Select Advanced Options
    (Select Device, then Advanced System Settings on OS6 and later)
  • Select SIM Card
  • Type MEPD (Please press P key twice to obtain P letter on Sure Type keyboards)
    (You will not see typed letters)
  • Type MEP2 (Press ALT then 2 to get number 2) (Or Type MEP4 for some phones)
  • Your BlackBerry will ask to enter Mep Code
  • Enter recieved Unlock Code and press the enter once
  • Restart your BlackBerry phone and Turn ON wireless connections
  • Your BlackBerry phone should be unlocked now.

If you need help for BlackBerry instructions sets or have any questions, you may always contact us to get more information.

BlackBerry Unlock Code Types

This section will help you to understand commonly used unlock code types and terms on this page.

BlackBerry Unlock Code: Refers to BlackBerry Network Unlock Code that is used to remove Network (Carrier or Operator) Lock from BlackBerry phones and allow users to use phone with different providers' SIMs (See Unlock Code Table below for more info).

Simlock Code: Simlock Code is another term that is used to describe BlackBerry Network Unlock Code.

Phone User Code: This code allows authorized users accessing to the phone when user lock enabled.

SIM PIN Code: SIM PIN (Personal Identification Number) code will allow authorized users to access to the SIM card.

SIM PUK Code: SIM PUK (PIN Unlock Key) code will allow authorized users to change or reset SIM PIN Code.

If you don't understand an entry or can't find a term on this section, you may contact us for further explanation.

BlackBerry Unlock Code Table
Unlock Code
Also Known As
Saved In
Used to
Network Unlock Code
Network Mep Code
Mobile Phone
8 or 16 Digits
Remove Network Lock
Provider Unlock Code
Service Provider Mep Code
Mobile Phone
8 or 16 Digits
Remove Provider Lock
Phone User Code
Phone Lock Code
Mobile Phone
10 Digits
Allow Access to Phone
Personal Identification Number
SIM Card
4 Digits
Allow Access to SIM Card
PIN Unlock Key
SIM Card
8 Digits
Allow Reset SIM PIN

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