Nokia Unlock Code Entry Instructions


The process of unlocking your Nokia phone is very simple. Once you receive your code, follow these steps to unlock your Nokia.

Nokia Unlock Code Entry Instructions:

  • Power on your Nokia phone with a non allowed SIM card
    (A SIM Card from a different mobile network other than your phone is restricted to).
  • If the phone ask to enter Unlocking Code.
  • Enter receieved unlock code and press Ok.
  • Or
  • Power on your Nokia phone a SIM card.
  • Type #PW+UnlockCode+1# Or type #PW+UnlockCode+7#
    (UnlockCode is 16 digit recieved unlocking code)
  • Your Nokia will be unlocked after "Phone Restriction Off' message displayed.
  • (You can obtain P and W letters by pressing the * (asterisk or star) key a few times
    P: Press * 3 times , W: Press * 4 times , +: Press * 2 times.