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If you want to use your Oppo with different providers SIMs and want to switch to another network, unlocking will allow you do that. You can unlock your phone and use with any compatible mobile network you want. When you unlock your phone, you will no longer have to be limited to a certain network and have the freedom to choose any service provider you want.

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What is Oppo Unlocking?

A Network lock is placed on your Oppo phone by the service provider (carrier or operator) you bought it from. The phone has this lock to prevent you to use your Oppo with any SIM other than original provider's SIM cards. Unlocking will remove network or service provider lock on your Oppo and will allow you to use any compatible SIM card by any service provider.

How does Oppo Unlocking Work?

Device Manufacturers and Sellers (Carriers or Service Providers) have a database for mobile devices. Oppo Network Unlock Code or unlocking requests is usually obtained from these databases using your device's IMEI (Serial) number. When you place an order, An unlock code request is submitted to these databases using your device's Imei (serial) number. Once unlock request is completed, a confirmation email will be sent with instructions. You only need to complete simple unlocking instructions to unlock your phone. No technical information is needed. Usually Entering unlock code is enough when prompted and rarely a phone restart is needed.

How does Oppo Unlock Services Works?

Device manufacturers and Carriers (Network Operators) stores device unlock information (unlock codes or device's lock status) in a device database for their devices. We are working with different database suppliers to obtain unlock codes or update unlock status (update as unlocked) from these databases to complete unlock orders. We obtain unlock codes or request a unlock status update via Database Suppliers, using phone's IMEI number, device model and network info.

Is Unlocking Service Safe ?

Unlocking via code and activation service is the most guaranteed method. Unlocking won't void your device's warranty and won't cause to any harm to your device in any way.

Do I Get The Best Price?

We frequently analyze, monitor and test different database suppliers and always prefer database suppliers with fast and guaranteed service at the lowest price. We regular update our service database to be able to offer cheapest price with fast and guaranteed service.

Do You have Money Back Guarantee?

If the unlock service (Unlock code or activation service) we provided does not unlock your phone, we will refund your payment in full. In rare instances, if we may not provide unlocking service for your device, we will refund your payment in full either. We accept PayPal payments and our services are eligible for protection, meaning that your payment is full protected with PayPal. You can view our Refund Policy and satisfaction guarantee here.

How Long does It Take to Complete Unlock Service?

Each unlocking service is unique and have a different delivery time. Delivery will vary depending on the device, and device's original network. Delivery time is displayed when you select device model and network on the order form above.

Have Other Questions?

If you have any questions and want to ask us, please contact us using us using our contact form on Contact Page here

OppoUnlocking Technical Details and Instructions

It is very simple to unlock your Oppo device with unlock services. Insert your new SIM and turn on your device. Your Oppo will ask you to enter a Network Unlock Code (Network Pin Code) that lift network restriction and unlock your Oppo to other networks. After entering code restart your Oppo and enjoy using your new SIM..

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